Taiwan Trivia: Animation Reveals Work Diligence according to your Urine Colour

In light of the recent flight accident in Taiwan on TransAsia Airways Flight 222, it was alleged that two staff members on flight had surpassed their weekly work hours. This has led to speculations that staff on flight were working whilst fatigued on flight. Labor laws in Taiwan stipulate workers should not work above 84 hours per fortnight. Working unpaid over-time hours is a commonly accepted phenomena in the Taiwanese workforce.


The deeper the shade of yellow that a worker’s urine is, that means he has not gone to the toilet. He is a diligent employee.” Stated Mr Guo, the CEO of Taiwan’s leading OEM factories, Foxconn which manufactures parts for Apple.

Taiwan Trivia is a series of animations that hopes to reveal all facets of Taiwan’s unique culture to the world; the good, the bad and the ugly. The Taiwan Trivia team, comprising of local Taiwanese youth in collaboration with their friends from other countries will launch a new animation each month. Each animation will shed light on Taiwanese issues with a global perspective. Current countries in collaboration include: America, Japan and Australia.

The flagship episode due for release in February, features the happenings behind the Taiwanese workforce’s unpaid overtime hours; and why the status quo continues. The average working hours per year in Taiwan are 2282 hours, the longest in the world.

In part, shortage of manpower plays a part in this phenomenon; however the true culprit lies in the ironic notion of “solidarity”. Many workers stay in the workplace till close to midnight. Not solely because of the workload however. In a culture where work hierarchy matters, workers who leave before their employers are deemed to be not diligent. Consequently, workers will prefer to stay at their desks and appear to be “present”. But in actual fact become fatigued and ineffective; opting to feign productivity whilst attending to their social media profiles.

The ‘Taiwan Trivia’ team hopes to produce animations that shed light on society’s issues; locally and internationally. To view the animation, follow this link:

More info: https://www.taiwantrivia.org

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TaiwanTriviaOrg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taiwan23
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TaiwanTrivia




儘管自今年一月一日起,勞動部已修改勞基法將14種職業排除在責任制適用範圍外,台灣勞工工作權益受到雇主壓榨的情況,還是時有所聞,而且橫跨不同 產業,甚至連平常光鮮亮麗的空姐,都被迫走上街頭。另外像是公家機關的消防員,人力不足、裝備簡陋,自嘲變成了消耗品。這些另類的「台灣特色」,現在被動 畫團隊以詼諧、幽默的方式,在短短3分多鐘的影片裡為上班族表達心聲。

影片中可以看到西裝筆挺的水牛,從到早晚嗡嗡嗡的不停工作,對照畫面上其他國家的工作者,按時上下班,中間還有下午茶時間補充能量,時間到了準時走 人。好不容易熬到了下班,老闆又用通訊軟體追殺。世界第三的超長工時與偏低的薪資待遇、合群的心理讓大家不敢比別人早走,即使遭遇不合理的待遇,也很少罷 工、抗議。這些不同於其他國家的工作文化,


《台灣二三事》創作團隊表示,希望透過動畫手法突破語言隔閡,來表現台灣各種特有現象,從不同議題切入對比國內外差異,讓外國人有更多機會深入了解 台灣文化。去年底就已經推出過台灣的選舉文化動畫,介紹各種光怪陸離的競選招數,吸引超過二十萬人次觀賞。接下來還會陸續推出不同主題的台灣大小事,每個 月都會推出影片,讓外國人第一次認識台灣就上手。

Email: hi@taiwantrivia.org


facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TaiwanTrivia

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TaiwanTrivia

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TaiwanTriviaOrg


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